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Ferm zwijn

Posted by Jeroen op mei 27, 2007

Een elfjarige jongen uit Alabama schoot dit 500 kg zware everzwijn in de vernieling.

Artikel hier; website van de vader van de jongen hier.


2 Reacties to “Ferm zwijn”

  1. Joost said

    “In Note from Jamison’s Dad” vind je ook dit, toch wel redelijk beangstigende bericht: (Jamison zijnde de jongen die dat zwijn vermoordde)

    “The purpose of this hunt was to give Jamison the opportunity to challenge himself and with this challenge the opportunity to overcome fear and accomplish something that would not be easily done. As he is becoming a young man, I wanted to see if the stuff I had been given him over the years would be the right stuff and if he had enough of it to rise to this and other challenges that life would surly have in store. I have disciplined my children over the years quiet regularly and many times have heard them say that their friends did not receive the same punishment. My response has always been “I am not trying to raise another child I am trying to raise a Champion”. I guess I wanted to see if I was on the right track.”

    Schattige vader…

  2. Joost said

    En dit ook:

    “Please remember that as we work and hunt, it is also our God Given Right as Christians to hunt for the lost souls about us. You do not need a license and you can hunt in any state or country. Those lost souls will truly be our greatest trophies in the end.”

    Goede god …

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